How to Download and Install Design Space

January 28, 2022

Cricut Design Space is the software used with your cutting machine. In order to use your machine, you first need to download and install Design Space. The same applies to new computers. We will walk you through the steps on how to download and install Cricut Design Space.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to download and install for both Windows and a Mac.

Mac Download

Step 1 – Download Design Space for Mac

The software can be downloaded from Cricut’s website. Open your browser and go to Cricut will automatically detect whether you have a Mac or Windows system.

Once on the page, Agree to Cricut Terms of Use by clicking the little square box next to it. You will now be able to click the Download button.

Download Design Space

On the top right hand corner of your browser locate your Download button. Once you click on it a pop-up will appear. Double click on the Cricut Design Space.dmg file.

Open Design Space Dmg File

Step 2 – Install Cricut Design Space

At this point, another box will appear on your screen to start the installation process. Simply click on the Cricut Image and drag it over to the Applications icon. Double click on the Application icon.

Drag Cricut Image to App

This will take you to your application screen. Locate the Cricut Design Space icon once more and double click on it.

Application Design Space

Click the blue Open button to complete the Cricut Design Space App install.

Open Design Space App

Once you click open, you are finally able to set up your new machine or simply log in to your account.

Design Space set up- Design Space

Windows Download

Go to the website mentioned in Step 1 for the Mac download. We used Google Chrome for this download. As with the Mac download, tick the terms of use agreement box then click Download.

How to Download and Install Design Space 8

The download status will show at the bottom of the browser screen. Once downloaded, click to start the installation process.

How to Download and Install Design Space 9

For Windows, an installation screen will show with the progress.

How to Download and Install Design Space 10

When the installation process is complete, the Cricut Design Space window will appear. Here you can set up your machine or sign in.

How to Download and Install Design Space 11

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